Trump Just Defeated On Most Misunderstood Agenda In America – Net Neutrality Is Anything But Neutral

Net Neutrality is such a misleading term in itself that the majority of Americans have been brainwashed and mislead into believing it’s actually a good thing.  The Tech Giants have led the charge because for their pocketbooks, it is, and Obama (their partner in crime on this agenda) led the way.  It has actors misrepresenting facts, politicians confused and major tech dishing out all the money they can to keep it in place…although the Trump administration forcibly rolled it back…well, at least for now.  Then in comes the Supreme Court to shake the foundation again.

You need to understand Net Neutrality if you care about a free and ungoverned internet.  The Supreme Court just ruled and allowed the potential for it to again become a reality…at least for a future administration; this one, thankfully, has shown no interest in its existence.  This broadcast will help you understand the issue, the ruling and the future impact.

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