Alert!! Military Fleet Grounded Immediately After Trump Reads Terrifying Classified Report…They’re Here!

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Truth Or Fiction – Classified!

Alert!! Military Fleet Grounded Immediately After Trump Reads Terrifying Classified Report…They’re Here!

It is time for us to wake up every man, woman, and child to the actual threat that now has infiltrated our country.  Immediately after President Trump read a largely classified 146-page report on this security breach our military grounds one of our highest tech fleets.

Report after report has shown THEY’RE HERE and no one is reacting fast enough to stop what could be an imminent take over of our Country.  Is it too late already?

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4 replies

  1. Treason comes to mind! America ya better be getting ready for a 10 year long war on the usa turf with all the horrors enshrined in same. Buy food and buy ammo and if I am right you get to eat and if I am wrong you get to eat and save a bundle in the process.


  2. MY friend ,ITS ALREADY to late the CHINESE are here,their just aiting for orders to attack,but,its who will be with them when they come,THE POLICE GANGS AND US MILITARY,along with THE UN MILITARY,you better have plenty of ammo,or it won’t matter,most americans are pussies and queers,girlymen,homo’s and cowards,this is one war america won’t win,they won’t even come’ll be a slaughter..EVER WONDER WHY ,OBAMA hasn’t been arrested??answer,HE PLANTED NUKES all over america,and YES he will set them off,he hates america,the stupid america are about to recieve what they wanted…MASS DEATH……take care,stay close to the LORD,you’ll likely be standing Face to Face with him shortly,does he know you??


  3. OH,one other thing,HEAVEN has a WALL and is guarded by ST.PETER,and very strict Immigration policies,HELL HAS OPEN BORDERS,and is open to all….let that sink in..


  4. there is plenty of connection of Bill And Hillary giving our jobs to CHina deliberately as our public fell for the idea as being a good idea………Anyone who thought this was a good idea was just plain stupid or a betrayor of our country as Hillary and Bill, Obama and most liberals


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