Robot or Human? Google Duplex Assistant Will Intentionally Leave You Guessing…


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I would first like to welcome all my new subscribers!  I can’t thank each of you enough for joining me.  Today’s video showcases one of the primary topics of my channel…the ongoing effort to mask the difference between robot and human.  Google, at their annual conference (still going on today); released a demonstration of their new Duplex technology.  It will shock you…to say the very least…

“Fox, who’s spent most of his time at Google working on search ads, is now in charge of product for one of Google’s landmark projects. It’s been almost exactly two years since Google announced the Assistant at I/O 2016. At the time, CEO Sundar Pichai sat down with CNET and explained his vision: The Assistant is the essence of Google, set free from the search box on the company’s iconic, sparse homepage.

The goal for Pichai and his team is to have Google’s artificial intelligence work alongside you as you go about your day: With the Assistant today, you can get morning news headlines from your Google Home, point your phone’s camera at a flower to discover what species it is or turn up your thermostat so the house is a comfortable temperature when you get home.

But if Google’s experiment becomes reality, the Assistant will truly be your digital assistant. “Think of it as building your own individual Google,” Pichai told us two years ago.”

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“’We don’t know all the answers’

Google has been working on its new natural-sounding voice technology “for years,” says Matias, who leads the R&D center in Tel Aviv. The company says Duplex isn’t broad AI technology for your phone. Instead, it’s geared to specific tasks (like booking reservations, for starters). Matias readily admits that the tech isn’t perfect and that Google is moving carefully because there are lots of thorny issues that come with a more human-sounding AI.

Like, what happens if the software starts talking nonsense? Matias tells me the tech won’t go rogue and leave a trail of confused small-business owners talking to robots. When the feature actually rolls out, he says, the software will likely tell the person on the other end of the line that he or she is talking to a digital assistant — even though the Assistant didn’t do that during the recordings I heard.

“We need to be thoughtful about how we have this interaction while we’re experimenting with it,” Matias says. “We believe it’s right to do this with transparency.” ”

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Google Duplex

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