Trump Administration Plagiarized?! ‘Putin List’ Legitimacy Questioned In Light Of New Sanctions

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The headlines read today, “US imposes fresh sanctions on Russia“…due to a press release from the U.S. Department Of The Treasury stating, “Treasury Sanctions Russian Cyber Actors for Interference with the 2016 U.S. Elections and Malicious Cyber-Attacks“!    The sanctions are directly related to Russia’s interference in the recent U.S. election.  The real story isn’t however in the sanctions but rather a plagiaristic blunder of the Trump administration occurring on the path to this report.  This is where the story gets really interesting!


Let’s start with the James Bond like villain being now sanctioned by the U.S.  In my prior article Putin’s ‘Chef’ Orders Death Attack we cover one of Putin’s inner circle by the name of Yevgeniy Prigozhin, called ‘The Chef’.  The same ‘Chef’ that now appears specifically on this report under the E.O. 13694 SANCTIONS list as cited in the same press release, referenced above, from the Treasury:

 “Yevgeniy Viktorovich Prigozhin (Prigozhin) provided material assistance to the IRA. Specifically, Prigozhin funded the operations of the IRA. OFAC previously designated Prigozhin under E.O. 13661, “Blocking Property of Additional Persons Contributing to the Situation in Ukraine,” on December 20, 2016.

Concord Management and Consulting LLC provided material assistance to the IRA. Concord Management and Consulting LLC, which is controlled by Prigozhin, provided funding to the IRA. Concord Management and Consulting LLC was previously designated under E.O. 13661 on June 20, 2017.

Concord Catering provided material assistance to the IRA. Concord Catering, which is controlled by Prigozhin, provided funding to the IRA. OFAC previously designated Concord Catering under E.O. 13661 on June 20, 2017.”

Keep in mind that Prigozhin, according to my prior report is: a failed cross-country skier, a convict of 9 years for robbery, a ex-hot dog stand owner and then restaurateur that gets into Putin’s inner circle because he catered events for, and was able to serve dinner to, the Russian President himself.  But don’t worry, as unrealistic as it may sound we just sanctioned him, so all is well.  Well him and, according to The article “US imposes fresh sanctions on Russia”:

“Fairfax Media reports that among those being sanctioned are “two major Russian intelligence agencies, and a St Petersburg-based “troll farm”, the Internet Research Agency, accused of producing fake news”, as well as 19 individuals linked to those organisations.”


Sorry, couldn’t help myself….

Sound familiar, I previously reported on why we know so much about Prigozhin, and how it was, “Special Council and Ex-FBI Director Robert Mueller and the indictment of 13 Russian Nationals found all over recent headlines. Turns out that Prigozhin is one of the 13 indicted by him for running what is being called a troll farm (responsible for establishing an electronic / social media campaign against Hillary Clinton and ultimately interfering in our last election).”

And so the saga of the Russian/U.S. election story continues…and goes on…and on…and on.  I would like to go back a few months to when…at the start of the story…was a Trump Administration plagiaristic blunder that has since been long pushed under the carpet but illustrates the lack of detail within the rapid moving tale of sanctions, indictments and rhetoric.

In The article US issues ‘Putin list’ of Russian oligarchs but imposes no sanctions:

“Russian PM’s ties shocker – 
The list was also mocked by some for stating the obvious – for example, that Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has close ties to Putin, as do officials in the FSB and GRU spy agencies. Chelsea Football Club owner Roman Abramovich and American basketball team owner Mikhail Prokhorov were also included on the list, USA Today says.”

This original report and list was published by the U.S. Treasury Department but did not sanction anyone, just provided a list of politicians and oligarchs linked to Putin.  There has definitely been room left within the press release and the corresponding list for the U.S. to be mocked.  This however wasn’t the most potentially embarrassing moment for the Administration.  Directly under the quote above is found the following graphic:


So, like you, I dug in a little deeper and lo and behold; there is accuracy in the statement.  Below you will find information posted on The President Of Russia’s website (aka the Kremlin website) and information on the U.S. Treasury Unclassified CAATSA Report (CAATSA standing for Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act).  I penciled in some lines to help illustrate the direct ‘re-creation’ of the list and ultimately the plagiarism, or maybe just plain laziness demonstrated:

US Treasury Caatsa Report 18-01-29 Draw

Seriously, they didn’t even try to change the order.  Even at the highest levels of government can be found laziness, sloppiness, plagiarism and just a mess of information that really could impact the relations between two of the worlds superpowers.

And if this wasn’t bad enough, several of those appearing on the full list have direct ties to American defense companies.  This is a dismal failure all the way around.  Citing from the article Here are the execs from Trump’s so-called Putin List with ties to defense:

“The list includes over 200 Russians, including several defense industry chiefs: Rostec CEO Sergey Chemezov; Yury Slyusar, president of the United Aircraft Corporation; and several other businessmen who’s business interests include firms producing components and smaller defense equipment.”

Now, the impact or effectiveness of the sanctions is yet to be known but facts and legitimacy can be questioned.  Maybe the press release, corresponding ‘Putin list’ and now actual sanctions will be enough to change the interference in U.S. politics….sorry, couldn’t keep a serious face…it will change nothing!  Just more rhetoric and threats against a regime that will do nothing different.

Thank you each for reading; I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate it.

Godspeed my friends.


I am a subscriber to the thought process of when modern-day discovery or events and religious philosophy or foreshadowing suddenly parallel or meet, it is imperative you take both as extremely significant factors of overall understanding and knowledge.  You must immediately remove ‘personal opinion’ and determine based on fact and evidence wherein the truth lies.  Very often there are gray areas within the discovery process and a complete determination cannot be fully made.  This is when, as a journalist, a presentation of the facts is best to allow for my readership to make a determination based on their faith, politics, philosophies or simply own opinions.

We must stay awake, be aware, think with an open mind and be vigilant in the defense of our rights, our freedoms, our existence and our protection of humanity.


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