Chinese Xi Readies Military For War – Generals Found Dead

China’s President Xi Jinping is posturing himself and his country to move into a position of World dominance in Military Might, Economic Superiority and Ideological Rule.  The World needs to take heed; China is the only force on earth (outside of the U.S.) that has the ability to dominate any country it lays its sights on and the numbers to purge a continent of any and all dissenters.

Xi is making bold moves to establish Military Dominance.  I have covered, in my previous article U.S. Preparing For WWIII – China & Russia Attack Imminent – Space Attack – Part 1   China’s interest to control space; in particular, the mechanisms behind wartime military communication and control.  Upcoming articles will cover the factors by Sea and by Land.   China had fallen significantly behind the advancements of the U.S. however is now quickly closing the gap.  The World has much to fear as the Chinese megalith grows in capability and war time competency.


So why then are statements made by U.S. President Trump, even if in jest, seeming to supporting China’s wish to purge the world of anything or anyone who tries to stand in their way.  But then, out of the other side of his mouth, counters his support with trade sanctions…welcome to International politics.  In a time where a clear and resolute message is needed we appear once again to be temporarily pacifying a tyrannical communist leader.

Before we try to guess what Trump is doing, which is at times is like throwing darts at a moving board.  Let’s step back a second to how Xi has quickly and is further becoming one of the most powerful Chinese leaders in recent history.

In the haunting and contemptuous words of Chinese President Xi Jinping to Britian he states:

“Any attempt to endanger China’s sovereignty and challenge the power of the central government is absolutely impermissible”

This was followed shortly thereafter by China’s Foreign Ministry Department denouncing the 1984 Sino-British Joint Declaration (Signed in 1984 outlined how Britain would end its 150 year ruling of Hong Kong) and effectively leaving it behind and shredding it up in the faces of a cowardly Britain who makes no strong counter-stance against the dismissive gesture.

In the article China ‘humiliating’ the UK by scrapping Hong Kong handover deal, say activists:

On Friday, the eve of the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong’s handover, on 1 July 1997, Beijing controversially announced that the Sino-British joint declaration was “now history” and no longer had “any practical significance nor any binding force”.

“The British side has no sovereignty, no power to rule and supervise Hong Kong after the handover. It is hoped that relevant people will come around to this,” foreign ministry spokesperson Lu Kang told reporters.

If you have been following Chinese politics this would make sense in conjunction with the moves that Xi has been making.  He has ‘simplified’ his military arm into a series of departments that will be run by people he knows are loyal to him rather than ex Chinese President Jiang Zemin loyalists Generals who, many of which, have come up dead;  Zhang Yang – hung himself, Guo Boxiong – imprisoned for life on corruption charges, Xu Caihou – charged with corruption and now dead and finally Fang Fenghui – currently China’s Senior General who will face prosecution for suspicion of bribery.  Three of these were swept up in Xi’s ‘anti-corruption’ campaign, along with, see below:


So in comes the new Central Military Commission headed by Xi; now in complete control of all the Branches of service.


In addition to this, added to the Communist Parties constitution was the words “Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era”.  This means that it is now officially a part of the state doctrine.  Xi is the only leader other than Mao added by the Communist part to the constitution while alive.  Are you starting to get flashbacks to another Communist leader with how this playbook is reading?

I also have forgotten to mention censorship.  Since Xi’s takeover a major increase, yes even in China, has been underway.  In recent news even the letter “N” has been banned from social media sites; seriously, the letter “N”…along with Winnie the Pooh being banned…why, because, in part, of the image of Winnie with a jar of honey and internet captions that stated ‘if you find something you love stick with it’ and other images found here:


Then enter the final controlling move to assure the Xi stays in power and is able to make his country a superpower without limits; the abolition of Presidential term limits.  This is when the censorship engine really picked up steam.  By doing this it would allow Xi to effectively rule until a date yet to be determined.

Starting to understand the depth of state control here.  Just wait until you see the Great Firewall of China as it’s called.  The way Chinese internet is censored to assure nothing gets out that isn’t meant to:


A perfect example of communism taking complete and total control; so then why is the U.S. President trying to become such a strange bedfellow with a figure so directly opposed to the U.S. way of thinking.


Trump sees ‘great chemistry’ with Xi as key to North Korea, trade balance

“We’ve gotten so far behind with China,” the president said. “I have great respect for you on that because you represent China … but we’ll make it fair, and it will be tremendous for both of us.”

“My feeling toward you is an incredibly warm one. … There is great chemistry,” Trump told his host. “And it is a very very great honor to be with you.”

He added, “We have a capacity to solve world problems for many many years to come,” he said. “I believe we can solve almost of all of them –- probably all of them.”

I know, ‘but he just imposed trade tariffs against China’ right.?!  Big deal, they were long overdue and entirely necessary to balance the equity of our foreign trade.  These are not going to be a major issue with China, they will hem and haw but in the end the mean absolutely nothing to them and have little if any long term financial impact.

Let us hope there is a larger drama in play and Trump is following The Art of War rather than the script from the Keystone Cops.

“Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.”
― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

As this story continues to unfold we may learn the truth of what the many moving parts are leading us towards.  The drums of war can be heard on the horizon, make no mistake…we are just not yet certain from which direction they are coming and from whom they are being sounded by.

We must stay awake, be aware, think with an open mind and be vigilant in the defense of our rights, our freedoms and our protection of humanity.


As mentioned at the start of this article I have ‘by space’ in my report U.S. Preparing For WWIII – China & Russia Attack Imminent – Space Attack – Part 1

You will see in tomorrow’s article I will cover ‘by land’ – Part 2

Finally, Part 3 will be about the looming potential war at sea.  Here is a snapshot of the article to come.

…China has far greater looming financial issues like a failing stock market, inflated housing value crisis, slowing economy and pending territorial dispute in the South China sea…wait, hold on a minute, what dispute over the South China Sea you might ask.  Now you are getting slightly closer to the truth of what a looming potential WWIII could be triggered by.  Another resource rich area of the globe that multiple Super Powers are trying to gain control of.  A conflict involving China, Russia, U.S., Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan, Philippines and  South Korea.

As shown in this clip from



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