An Intro Of Things To Come

We are in the midst of significant change; and with great change come the opportunities to find great success or realize dismal failure.  It is the time when great leaders and thinkers emerge who will no longer be satisfied with the status quo and will vigilantly forge new paths towards victory.  They diversify their efforts and tread in unknown waters that others would not even dare to wade in.  They remain focused on the larger picture rather than the sum of its parts.  They understand that focusing on a mosaic will only show you a few tiles of a greater enterprise.

 However, for the moment, we are being overtaken by a different society.  A society born out of the dark underbelly of negativity and naysayers that enjoys wallowing in the depravity of others.  They are the soapbox merchants of corruption, greed and mismanagement; finding it easier to terminate the ideals of those beneath them, than embracing their capacity for real solutions.  Removal of the cleanliness must be swift or they risk their own inadequacies becoming apparent through the soot they continually track in.  They are the self proclaimed expert and leader who’s only talent reside in their ability to walk across the backs of others towards higher reaches of success.  They do not realize that the removal of those on which they tread will soon create a void from where there will be no option but to plummet.  They are sailing without a ship but have not yet looked down to see the sharks that swim below.

 It is ironic that many consider the current state a ‘weeding out cycle’; my friends, the landscaping has just begun and the grass has yet to be mowed.  If you are truly a leader, a visionary or simply a great person; your day is coming.  Be steadfast in your pursuits and remain committed to that which will provide you greatest benefit.  The top of the pyramid never causes a failure in the structure; however it is the farthest to fall when the foundation stones are removed.  We will each be a part of the re-building of the future and it is for each of us to determine the form and function of our own pursuit of excellence.  Remain honest and ethical to those that provide you shelter and you will be a designer of their future success and consequently, your own.



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