Imminent Crisis: Russia – Ukraine Hit Flashpoint! Putin Mobilizes Troops Due To This Action And Battle Declaration!

As tensions between Russia and Ukraine escalate war can very realistically loom near. Putin mobilizes forces in a show of force unlike anything we’ve seen recently. Ukraine issues a war declaration that states ‘they will not back down’. Biden has trapped himself in a corner by mocking the Russian leader and now being thrust into the center of what can result in WWIII. Is this saber rattling or something far, far more significant. Well, we are about to all find out

U.S. Withdraw From Iraq Lie Came From ‘Unsigned Letter’: That’s The Distraction – Here’s The Real Question!

Welcome to the exposure of the ongoing spin cycle of state run / ‘main stream’ media.  We take great pleasure in exposing the fake / hoax news designed to brainwash the masses and control the sheeple.  Of course the recent Iran conflict is no exception.  There were many, many distractions all designed to cover up one outstanding lie…that is where the real question resides.  You see, the President never said we were going to pull out our troops and there was also no detainees at the Canadian border…heck, this even wasn’t a plot to protect the Trump Mar A Lago hotel chain…no, we’ll diffuse those quickly.  After all that is said and done there is one HUGE question, why in the world would Iraq ask us to leave…was this the Globalist plan all along or did Trump once again see strategy play our for beyond what everyday America sees?  That is the question I need you to answer so we can guide future broadcasts