Do This Or Unplug! URGENT Warning To Every Man, Woman and Child

Please share this URGENT message wherever you can; the word needs to get out!

The time has come for every man, woman and child to realize what is happening on every screen they view…be it your phone, computer or television.  The messaging we are all being exposed to and the brainwashing techniques are beyond those ever seen before.  They are predisposition our youth to accept their new ‘master’ by assuring they are kept locked up in their rooms and away from society.  Don’t believe me, watch my broadcast and see…you will soon change the way you are doing everything.  I hope, in some small way, this message helps each and every one of you.

If Your Reading This Then The Senate’s Move Against The FCC Traps You In This Net Of Deception

Do You Understand Net Neutrality?…don’t worry if you don’t, most people truly don’t.  Why?  Because it is a great illusion.  Is a fair and balanced internet truly possible?  Should it be?  Should the government have control in assuring the largest ISPs don’t abuse their power and take over what you see and what you don’t on the internet…or is that even truly the issue at hand?  What truths are you being sold and are we just, again, in the middle of another great deception?