WHAT!?! Are Democrats Seriously Begging For Trump To Come Back?!? They Need Him Now More Than Ever!

Democrats are all but begging Trump to come back while America has lost track of it’s six and the enemy fast approaches. If you don’t know what this means; it’s alright, we’ll explain in. Biden’s ‘InfraDistraction’ is just a part of the deception swirling around you; but that is all a part of the plan as evil and China loom large in the distance.

Checkmate! Democrats’ Worst Nightmare Just LEAPED Towards Reality; 5+ Years In The Making!

History offers us the greatest look into where our Republic is heading. Then, the Washington Post inadvertently spills it all! Not until recently have there been such deep parallels between the darkest time in our Nations history and today. One chart illustrated what the WAPO never wanted released. Not 1, nor 2, nor 3, nor 4 events either are equal…no, far many more are all leading in the same direction as what once resulted in WAR!

Biden’s Critical Condition! Left Seizes Chance To Divide-Foreign Enemies Salivate Over US Weakness!

Biden’s in critical condition! The radical arm of the left is seizing on the opportunity to gain more and more control of the Republic with their Commander In Chief losing even more ability to lead. This was never meant to be ‘rule from the middle’ oh no, this was always meant to be DESTROY the middle, the moderate and the modest. Our most staunch foreign adversaries are salivating at the this new American weakness; hungry for power with no opponent left to stop them. Here’s exactly how bad it is; our enemies our openly laughing in our face and we are cowering in the corner in fear.

Implosion! Biden Hits Brick Wall – Democrats Fragment Leaving Pelosi Scrambling To Pick Up The Pieces!

The Democrats are imploding! Over the last 48 hours the party has fragmented; self interest and special interest taking precedence over the Biden agenda. When you are given everything you want; it is only a matter of time before you start acting like a spoiled child, just no one thought it could happen in a little over a hundred days. Here’s what happened!

Honeymoon Is Over! Emperor Biden Turns Lunatic Left Against Him In 3 Simply Shocking Statements!

Well, that didn’t work out so well for Biden…actually not much has recently. The Honeymoon Is OVER and the Lunatic Left has their sites squarely set on the Emperor in Chief! Here’s what happened and the 3 shocking statements Biden made that has turned the radical faction of his party against him. The dumpster is burning and it’s a glorious sight!