Democrats in Absolute PANIC! ‘This Hands Trump the Victory’!

The left never saw this coming and are in an absolute panic that it hands Trump the victory! A story you need to hear to understand. The variable is something that no Democrat can control so what will that stop at to make sure it never happens. We The People may already be in the drivers seat however, so grab some popcorn and let’s see what happens next!

Barely A Red Trickle! Only 1 Midterm Takeaway. It’s Time to Admit Trump’s Throne Is Now DeSantis’s?

Not Even A ‘Red Trickle’! The Only Midterm Takeaway Needed. Is it Time to Admit Trump’s Throne Belongs To DeSantis? Here’s what happened and why the Grand Red Wave thundered by Trump…never even hit the shore. DeSantis however triggered a Tsunami in Miami Dade that demonstrates a different strategy and a different face was a massive recipe for success! So, is it time to admit Trump’s time may now be up?

Elon Musk BEWARE! Democrats Just Launched a TRIBAL Threat and it is Definitely a Laughing Matter!

The Paul / Nancy Pelosi attack story just went from strange to outright bizarre! Do you know all the details surrounding the accused assailant David DePape? Until you do you can’t even begin to understand how this story simply does not line up! ‘Found in his underwear’ – ‘Unidentified person opened the door for police’ – ‘a right wing extremist with a liberal bumper sticker’…well, that’s just the beginning of a narrative the main stream media is conveniently promoting as another MAGA promoted act of violence.