Surveillance / Orwell

Body Invaders! U.S. Gov Now Creating ‘Hydrogel-Hydra MEDUSA’ Parasitic ‘Therapeutic’ Delivery & Tracking Organisms!

he U.S. Government is creating a way to track you and vaccinate you without you even knowing it’s being done. It’s not something outside your body either, oh no, this is a body invasion by Body Invaders! DARPA is funding and helping to create ‘Hydrogel-Hydra MEDUSA’ Parasitic ‘Therapeutic’ Delivery & Tracking Organisms!

Pelosi and DOD Just Activated Mass Domestic Military Grade ‘Undetectable Army’ Accountable To No One!

Pelosi and DOD just activated the unthinkable. A military mass surveillance system so powerful, so effective and so sophisticated that is virtual undetectable. But, it is detecting you at ALL TIMES. We warned you the minute she sent out the Capitol Police to CA and FL it was just the beginning…well here is a part of what they really have planned!