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“I LIED”! Hillary Clinton Close Associate Just Admitted To Durham He Lied In Steele Dossier!

ANOTHER MAJOR LIE! Hillary Clinton Close Associate Just Admitted To Durham He Lied In Steele Dossier! To overlook this case is to overlook how, in real time, collusion, corruption and some would declare treason takes shape. How anyone can declare this is anything less than one of the most critical cases in American history is beyond imagination…but the only explanation could be the very real potential that nothing will come of it. That is truly the greatest tragedy. That does not mean we will cover it. Every effort must be given to expose this conspiracy!

Total TNT! Truth Is Out! Durham Danchenko Trial ‘Timeline Testimony’ Twist Turns To Trump And Traitor!

To not understand the testimony that was just given in John Durham’s trial against Igor Danchenko is to not understand the out and out corruption, influence and political weaponization of the FBI by agents of the Deep State. In any ‘normal world’ this would result in the complete dismantling of the agency. If that wasn’t enough however, there is an absolute TNT explosion in the trial…and it surrounds one date that NO ONE is talking about.

EXCLUSIVE! This FBI Whistleblower Has Tucker Carlson & Jim Jordan Screaming…BEWARE And BE ON ALERT!

EXCLUSIVE! This FBI Whistleblower Has Tucker Carlson & Jim Jordan Screaming…BEWARE And BE ON ALERT! You will not believe what a letter just sent to Christopher Wray from Jim Jordon outlines the FBI is doing to spread the disinformation of ‘Domestic Violent Extremists’ to your community. This is a concerted effort to spread one event like wildfire across the United States so the Biden Administration can declare their enemies are EVERYWHERE! Thankfully, one brave whistleblower just came out to expose the entire plan!

Lockdown Alert! The Crisis We All Feared Is Arriving Faster Than We Ever Imagined : Are You Ready?

IT’S OUT! U.S. Government Just Gave Away It’s UFO Alien Secret And We Are In far Worse Trouble Than Imagined! I am not here to declare UFOs or Aliens or Demons don’t exist; rather, the US Government’s recent move towards ‘disclosure’ is not identifying any of the above…but rather is a cover for something no one is discussing. Well, until the Pentagon and China make near simultaneous announcements that puts the hold narrative to rest. It is far worse than we are being told (I know, no surprise) and the consequences are catastrophic!

Massive Security Alert! IRS Locks Down Hours After Horrifying New ‘Agent Led Roundup’ Video Released!

They must think we’re stupid. The IRS goes in full lock-down hours after an astonishing video is release about ‘agent led round-ups’ that will chill you to your core. I guess we are not suppose to understand out history, we are to be ignorant of prior actions and we are to stay silent and content. Not going to happen, so let’s blow this story up so you know why the IRS is again calling everyone, again, Public Enemies #1!

Revelation Reveal! World Economic Forum: It’s Time For Human Cyborgs & Child Improving Brain Chips!

So, just when you thought there was no further that Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum could go to stomp on God, Country and Family…you’d be wrong! Their latest presentation and handy dandy YouTube video goes further than ‘you’ll own nothing and be happy’. This time around it goes to ‘you’ll be a cyborg and be much happier than your insignificant God created human form’! Yes, you too, even if you’re perfectly healthy can be a far better version of yourself; proudly brought to you by the devil’s shill himself, Klaus Schwab! Welcome to trans-humanism 101 and the end of the video will go to show you EXACTLY what they are intending on implementing – REVELATION REVEALED!