Superbowl Disclosure? F-22 Pilots Chilling Alaska Canada ‘Tic Tac’ Shootdown Details Just Emerged!

RR News Update!Feb 12th, 2023By: Justus Knight

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Superbowl Disclosure? F-22 Pilots Chilling Alaska Canada ‘Tic Tac’ Shootdown Details Just Emerged!

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Justus Knight

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3 replies

  1. Two words…Project Bluebeam!


  2. Two Words…Project Bluebeam!!!


  3. From the beginning the Government has kept information and program’s such as Project Sign, Project Grudge, Project Bluebook, Majestic 12 among more…about Tracking supposed U.F.O.’s and eyewitnesses from the American Public! They have encouraged false stories and pushed propaganda to get people to believe in other worldly being’s and craft’s and spent decade’s convincing everyone they are real in order to pull off the great deception! The National Archive’s has unclassified information about when they made a flying saucer capable of Mach4 to Mach 5…correction they contracted a Canadian company in the aerospace field to build it back in the 50’s a disk shape fuselage to fool the people!!! Look it up..and picture’s of it too among other’s!!!


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