Month: September 2021

NOT SO FAST! Why Milley Trump Treason Just Covering Up For This Much Larger Part Of The Sedition!

To the victor goes the spoils…and the victors are in the White House, The House of Representatives and The Senate. We are being controlled by the enemy. The enemy of freedom and the enemies of the United States. The woke Milley story is more than most realize but Woodward/Costa book provides all the insight you need to understand the U.S. was in a coup. This time however no one reported on it, no one did anything and now we have officially been occupied.

Mutiny! FDA And CDC Tensions Boil Over Against Biden In Covid Booster Lancet BOMBSHELL Statement!

Well the battle between Biden, the CDC, the FDA and the booster plan just boiled over! FDA officials publish bombshell Lancet report that demolishes the narrative. “Science Take Time” and this administration and the prior have done nothing but rush for results. Now we are all living in the fishbowl of the largest human experiment in history…and now even two ex-FDA officials admit it!

Covid LOCKDOWN 2.0 On Horizon – Here’s What U.S. Gov. Suggests Next Round Of ‘Measures’ May Be!

The Biden Administration sent out Surgeon General Vivek Murthy this weekend to indicate a next round of ‘measures’ that may very well lead to Covid Lockdown 2.0. Here is what they said, what they indicated and how it may soon impact your ability to travel by plane, train or automobile! Yes, this isn’t a joke, it is ready to be presented to the House floor.

Did Biden’s DISASTROUS 9-11 ‘Off Script’ Error Trigger Trump To Make This MONUMENTAL Unexpected Announcement!?

Biden, in a 12 minute unscripted QA show everyone exactly why this ‘incompetent in chief’ can’t help not hide his truest and darkest hatred for this great Republic. Did this type of horrific display of American contempt and disrespect, at what was suppose to be a 9-11 memorial event in Pennsylvania, trigger Trump to make a MONUMENTAL unexpected ANNOUNCEMENT? You watch, see and determine and we dissect 12 minutes of anti-American rhetoric.

BREAKING: Biden Prepares ‘COVID GAMES’ Announcement! As Approval Tanks 70MM Lives About To Change!

There is nothing more to be cautious of than a failing administration. The Democrats have shown to build power through no other means than divide and conquer. Now, with Biden’s approval tanking to new lows; the Administration announces a speech that should be of grave concern to the 70MM unvaccinated Americans. Are you prepared for Joe Biden’s ‘Covid Games’? They are about to begin!

Army Colonel Goes Ballistic “We are f**king abandoning American citizens,”! Secret text and message blow apart Admin. Afghan LIES!

The reality of what happened in Afghanistan takes further form with everyday that passes. The withdraw seen round the world as a dismal failure grow worse as time goes by. Now, and newly exposed text and email message from an Army Colonel outlines the true negligence that occurred. He’s angry, he’s upset and he lets everyone know EXACTLY what’s happening!