ObamaGate 3! The Burisma Investigation APPROVED While They Press Charges On Joe Biden And Rice Demolishes Truth!

MAY 21st, 2020

By: Justus Knight

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On today’s broadcast:

Another day and another treasure trove of bombshell disclosures in the ObamaGate scandal!  This one is on us; enjoy it because you about to learn how Joe Biden just had charges pressed against him…yes, no joke!  Also, you will learn how Susan Rice’s testimony absolutely demolished the ENTIRE narrative so many were trying to lie about.  This hits Comey, Clapper, Yates and Obama…the COVER LETTER BACKFIRED!  So much more to discuss, get ready and hold on!

God Speed and God Bless,

Justus Knight

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Referenced Sources:

BREAKING — “QUID PRO JOE’ — AUDIO Released of JOE BIDEN and Ukrainian President Poroshenko Discussing FIRING VIKTOR SHOKIN Who Was Investigating His Son — FOR IMF LOAN!!

BREAKING: Audio Tape Released Between Corrupt Former Ukrainian President Poroshenko And Joe Biden Discussing Corrupt Activities. John Kerry Also On Tape.



BREAKING: Susan Rice’s Team Confirms She Was Directed By White House Counsel to Write January 20, 2017 Email About Secret Oval Office Meeting



Click to access SteeleRiceTalbottTestimony.pdf

Judicial Watch Lawsuit Forces Declassification and Release of “Electronic Communication” Used to Launch Obama Administration’s Spy Operation on President Trump’s 2016 Campaign

Click to access JW-v-DOJ-reply-02743.pdf






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