CIA Cover-up! Hiding Damning House Russia Report Exposing Brennan ‘Crafted’ Intel To Hide Russia’s TRUE White House Ally!

May 5th, 2020

By: Justus Knight co-host of Restricted Republic (Click Here To Join)

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On today’s broadcast:

The Russia Gate Saga just took a very unexpected turn.  The CIA has been hiding a secret House Russia Intel report that paints a very different picture than what we’ve been told.  Not that Trump had nothing to do with the Russia Hoax…oh no, much more than that.  It actually turns the investigation in an entirely different direction.  This report would turn not only the Deep State over, but would have point the finger of blame at the highest levels of past offices and past candidates.  The question remains if we will ever see it, if we do…what America will learn will demolish the status quo and exonerate, once and for all, those that have spent so many years being attacked.

God Speed and God Bless,

Justus Knight

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Referenced Sources:

Click to access final_russia_investigation_report.pdf

Click to access ICA_2017_01.pdf

Click to access Report_Volume4.pdf

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