Seriously!?! WikiLeaks National Fake News Story Just Exposed Exactly How Stupid They Think You Are!

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Are they truly serious? Does the Globalist News Media really think we’re all that stupid? Well, they do. It this newest attack on President Trump they have stooped to new lows and out and out attacked all of us. How? By insulting the collective IQ of every American who has followed the WikiLeaks story for so many years now. They want you to believe that President Trump has bribed Julian Assange to make a claim…he already has, multiple times…and so have MANY, MANY others. Yet another attempt to distract from the real truth of their EVIL…how desperate are they and what measures will they take to keep the TRUTH from coming out. Evil knows no boundaries!

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  1. Seriously!?! WikeLeaks National Fake News Story Just Exposed Exactly How Stupid They Think You Are! — Justus Knight News – New Human New Earth Communities

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