How Do You Avoid Corruption Charges?…Run For Office: The 2020 Scandal Set To Change A Nation!

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There is one, of many, scandals about to be unleashed on our Nation that will change the course of our future forever.  You see, there is a trick of the trade they are not telling you, the way to avoid corruption charges is run for office.  Everyone, no matter what side of the aisle you sit, understand Joe Biden isn’t fit for office.  So why then have him run…to avoid corruption charges or to assure the very first rung on the ladder can’t be broke so higher ups are also protected.  There is a precedence, a rule and a restriction that you must be aware of to understand why a man, who can barely complete a sentence, is left as the top candidate and even worse…why, if this gets any bigger, it will all but assure ‘SHE’ throws her hat in the ring announcing her candidacy.

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