U.N. Authorizes Unthinkable! China/Russia 2020 U.S. Strike Approved! BeiDou Activated & Online!

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A series of events have now taken full form, long in the making, that have led to all out war on America .  As now officially announced by the UN, China and Russia have been authorized to create, run and monitor a task force on internet ‘crime’.  Two of the Worlds most authoritative regimes are now in control of everything entire Continents will see, hear and watch on the internet; just imagine the possibilities of what they can do with that power.   That is only a part of the much larger plan however, the part MSM will not touch.  Nearly simultaneously China activates BeiDou, a series of (what they call) GPS satellites that rival our own.  What these ‘GPS’ satellites allow for is a weaponization of intel, surveillance and messaging control unlike anything we have ever seen before.  The strike on American has been approved and unless ‘this’ happens in 2020, we too will be folded into this Orwellian hell system that is soon to be coming to your next generation phone that, BTW, China’s Huawei has already created with no Apple, Android or Google apps…it is 100% China controlled, monitored and run!

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