Graham Drops Bombshell On Obama’s Deep State Agent(s)! His Golden Goose Brennan Is Cooked!  

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If you can ever see a ray of light in the Trump Impeachment, here it is.  Obama’s Golden Goose is about to get cooked!  John Brennan has again, become, target #1 and IT NEEDS TO STAY THAT WAY.  If you connect the dots and take a strong series of statement from Lindsey Graham made over the weekend you have the makings of what is going to shape up to be a history unravelling of many, many, deep state agents.  Here is the story you can’t afford to miss to understand exactly how Barr, Graham, Durham and many others are working to tie this to the very top of the Executive Branch and ultimately the head(s) of the Deep State!

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  1. Graham Drops Bombshell On Obama’s Deep State Agent(s)! His Golden Goose Brennan Is Cooked!   — Justus Knight News – New Human New Earth Communities

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