Silenced, Suppressed, Banned…NO MORE!! Introducing Restricted Republic!



Hi everyone! I am so proud to announce Restricted Republic. It is my new video and live stream platform that will allow me to tell you the UNRESTRICTED truth that YouTube will NO LONGER allow!! Be prepared to discover the TRUTHS that have been RESTRICTED from you! Here is the reality of what ‘they’ have decided you aren’t worthy or able to understand. I however implicitly disagree with this thought process. WE THE PEOPLE of the RESTRICTED REPUBLIC will not allow tyranny to overtake us. Prepare to be awakened, prepared, and informed of what you need to know to stand against those that wish to tear down the greatest REPUBLIC in the history of the world…the United State Of America!

At the new platform we will not only be sharing censored news, but we’ll have the ability to livestream and have Q&A sessions. Lisa Haven will be joining me and we both plan on posting at least two additional videos per week. These videos will be on topics that we have been banned from discussing such as: vaccines, false flags, the New World Order, conspiracies, conservative politics, mind control, etc.  

Please join us by subscribing to the video platform. Right now we are offering an introduction rate of $7.99 per month using the coupon code: TRUTH. Or you can subscribe for an entire year for an even larger discount at $89 a year. As an added benefit, the platform will have NO ADS and NO COMMERCIALS! 



Restricted Republic will be available on: ROKU, iPhone, iPhone TV, Android, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV (This should be up and running within 30 days) 

I will still be on YouTube, however, we’re being forced off of multiple social media outlets. I’M ASKING YOU TO MOVE OVER SO I DON’T LOSE THAT CONNECTION WITH YOU. AS YOU KNOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE ALREADY DISAPPEARED FROM YOUTUBE. 

Thank You, Justus Knight

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  1. In my excitement to sign up, I believe I may have entered my email wrong because I cannot sign back in and the forget password instructions are not going thru. Please don’t make me sorry I subscribed! Help.


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