US Military Issues URGENT PLEA For SUBTERRANEAN TEST SITE!  What Are They Preparing For?!

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One of the Government’s darkest agencies just sent out a Tweet, simply stating “Attention, city dwellers! We’re interested in identifying university-owned or commercially managed underground urban tunnels & facilities able to host research & experimentation.  It’s short notice… We’re asking for responses by Aug. 30 at 5:00 PM ET.”  It was sent only 48 hours before the response date provided.  Needless to say it sparked a rash of articles wondering why such an urgent plea for a subterranean test site.  What are they preparing for, what did they find or what do they know their not telling us.  All this an more in today’s broadcast of Justus Knight News!


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  1. Anything the Military or DARPA does is not to save us, but to enslave us.
    Mapping Project wrapped up in 2007 with the Mapping of ALL Cave Systems, Mines, Natural Coves and Underground Tunnels and Facilities to include Native American Cliff Dwellings or Underground Ceremonial Chambers.
    DARPA’s Dog Rover & Cheater were specifically designed to Hunt Down and Kill it’s prey…..In Short, You and I.
    The Base I worked at in Utah concluded the Test’s in 2002 and specifically dealt with a Sniff Technology where the sent of a Human could be tracked down with 100% efficiency.
    Now they will be doing Live Tests in these underground facilities…I wonder what the LIVE Test Subjects will be.
    I’ve seen it, did not believe it and now it’s here and getting ready to be deployed at some future event.
    Thanks for your info.


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