OMG! 51% Of American’s NOW FEEL THIS About CONGRESS And It May IGNITE The Unthinkable!!

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The Poll that should leave America speechless.  A percentage that should shake Congress to its very core.  It is absolutely unbelievable what the two leading parties in this Country have done to the faith and belief of the American people.  It is not shocking to believe that America no longer believes in its leaders but what 51% of us just said about Washington D.C. could now ignite the unthinkable.  No more God, No more Constitution and No more Love is about to tear our Country down:  Divided We Fall!!


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  1. Every time there is an election of any kind, you see streets up and down pasted with several posters of the same names. All in identical format, so it is safe to assume they originate from the same people attempting to continue brainwashing Americans. I doubt anyone knows these drive-by “politicians”, maybe except on Soros. I do not know who at this time anyone can still trust THIS government. Bunch of anti-American liars.
    Meanwhile ANTIFA continues to riot with impunity.
    How can you still trust police, if they DON’T chase these bastards???
    How can Soros and others continue financing these idiots?
    He should have been long arrested and executed. Same with Clintons, Obama and other swampers.
    Trump is NOT draining the swamp. So, they have time to continue conspiring against America.
    It is clearly a case of “all you can buy justice”.


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