It Is EVERYTHING We FEARED! Forbes To Facebook: ‘Call New Currency THE “MARK”!’ Prophecy Realized!

Please watch the video below for the full story! 

Steve Forbes has just come out and made the most terrifying statement ever, and it has direct biblical implications.  We had covered on a prior broadcast Facebook’s new Libra currency and everything we covered was just 100% confirmed by Forbes.  If you do not know or believe yet that we are at the end of days, let this broadcast serve as no greater warning an example of how real life events are now directly and verbatim reflecting biblical prophecy.


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  1. FYI- The ‘mark’ is actually religious in nature that is in violation of the 4th Commandment – the forcing of Sunday observance. the Catholic church stated centuries ago that its ‘mark’ of authority was changing the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday. Within the next decade you will see a recongiguration of Europe into a 10 nation church-state empire under German leadership and guided by the spiritual values of the Vatican. This union is called a ‘beast’. The man who leads it will more than likely be Karl – Theodor zu Guttenberg. Baron of the Holy Roman Empire. He will give his mind over to Satan.


  2. Just wish we could read it, rather then watch video.

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  3. I listened to the first part of your broadcast and I feel you may be missing the ‘Mark’. The market place is FULL of crypto currencies which are global in nature. FB’s new coin is but one of many, and trying to transfer dominance from BTC (bitcoin) does NOT stand a chance.

    Call it what you will, this ‘new’ coin is nothing special, provides nothing new, and will suffer the fate of so many other alt coins. The Mark of the Beast has always been perceived by myself to be a physical mark on your person. This will be the tell tail sign, not some new crypto coin, IMO.


  4. JUSTIN,when are all you guys going to START listening to what the LORD tells his Prophets??,DO any of you realize this is a battle between good and evil,SATAN wants your SOUL, starts with the National ID card,then the micro-chip in your hand,they will say ITS BEEN HACKED,and then the MARK begins ,THEY PUT A TATTOO ON YOUR HAND,you are easily recongized after that,they’ll just say HOLD OUT YOUR HAND,LETS LOOK,this will be the hero’s of america demanding to see your mark…only their SATANS WOLFPACK,NOT HERO’S


  5. Hi,

    Islam is the anti-Christ, make no mistake about that. It is the culmination of what the two witnesses prophesied about.

    The ‘mark’ is known in the Islamic world as zebibah, a raisin-like bump one gets on the forehead from praying.

    Understanding how Rev 12 & 13 will play out is now possible. Understanding your role in it all is now possible as well.


  6. It’s like NOBODY gets it. Re 1:1- You must be a servant of Jesus to understand. Here is who the Biblical anti-Christ is: Read to know. Ge 3:15; seed of Satan killed, “it” bruised head, by Jesus (Mt 12:40; Hab 3:13) with sword (Re 13:14) he killed Jesus first – “thou” bruised heel, by crucifixion. He is an angel (Re 9:11) now in the bottomless pit. He rises as king of the locusts. (day 794) (Hab 3:15,16; Re 9:11; 17:8). He kills the 2 witnesses.(Re 11:7). His mage placed into temple by false prophet (Re 13:14ff).
    MAKING SENSE OF REVELATION, A VERSE BY VERSE LITHOPHANE. Learn the calendar established by the Father between Daniel and Jesus. Stop interpreting and start listening, because all your questions are answered in the Scriptures.


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