LGBT, Immigrants, Minorities, Rich, Poor BEWARE! The Next Two Nights Of THEY Are COMING FOR YOU With Lies, Snake Oil and Deceit: Are You Prepared!? 

Please watch the video below for the full story! 

They are coming, let there be no mistake!  You know who they are, you have heard their evil and empty promises trying to lure you in.  It is time that we reach across the aisle and across religious, ethnic and diversity boundaries to save everyone from their deadly grasp.  The next two night are extremely dangerous and everyone needs to be on the lookout…don’t turn on your TV for they’ll be waiting for you with all their lies, deceit and baiting words!


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God Speed and God Bless,


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5 replies

  1. I won’t be watching.


  2. I would rather watch yogurt boil then tune into this farce. Makes no difference donkey or elephant debates, they are both the same, run by the same people. When you learn this, and when you realize there is no hope in either party, it is then and only then, that you become part of the solution and not part of the problem.


  3. at one time, democracy meant majority rule…But todays’ democrat has found a trick: when they have the majority vote on an issue, they go with the majority wishes. But then, when the majority rules in favor against democratic ideas, they suddenly switch to minority rules.

    the result of this is a clear minority of transgender perverts being given clear access to our youngest children in a pedophilic environment where perverted lifestyles are allowed to influence very young minds about sex.

    on Immigration, the majority wishes do not matter as these democrats want the votes of millons of illegals and they are willing to give those illegals disproportionate amounts of taxpayer dollars to try and win democratic rule over the U.S.

    I wonder how many know that illegal immigrant families can get up to 24,000 amnesty bonus payment from the IRS which may explain why we h of tax payer money?

    But they will give those amounts to illegals against the majority will of Americans because it will get them power and votes and turn this nation into a communistic slum full of people who will always depend on what ever the government will allow them to have’.



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