THEY’RE HERE CIA Future Police!  GUILTY!!..BEFORE You Ever Commit The CRIME ‘THEY SAY’ You’ll Commit!  AI Psychic: What Can Possibly Go Wrong?!

Please watch the video below for the full story! 

For all of you that have seen the Minority Report, it is no longer science fiction: the REALITY is here!  The CIA Company In-Q-Tel has thrown their support and funding behind Forge.AI and what they do should terrify you!  They have the artificial intelligence that can predict the future…now what can go wrong from there with that power in the DEEP STATE’s hands?…GUILT…before you every even commit the crime THEY SAY you will commit!


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3 replies

  1. So actually we got into the state, what the Bible said about the last days- we all can be fouled, bu really fake false, edited critical videos what can bring even a war, based on that 😦


  2. WELL what a great Idea,now they have the where withall to go after every cop,town council,county,state,and federal criminal in america,and they better be smart about it,or they may all wind up with a RUSSIAN SOLDIER BLOWING THEIR HEAD OFF,and I think it may happen anyway,THAT RUSSIAN army captain I talked to at walmart said they had located ALL the police gangs,military,and government employees,and were ORDERED BY PRESIDENT PUTIN TO PUT A BULLET IN THEIR HEAD,now thats news I can live with,americans are YELLOW cowards,BUT those russians aren’t,they’ll do what the men in america should have done 50 years ago…AND the traitors in america won’t be able to save themselves….



  1. Links 284-Is A.I. Child’s Play? | Cindy's Zone 2

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