Green DEAD Deal: From GRAVE To PLATE:  ‘Human Consumption Tanks’ Ready As “Recomposition” Legalized!

Please watch the video below for the full story!

You may have recently heard about Human Mulch being made legal in Washington.  I bet you didn’t hear the actual agenda behind the movement I am called the Green Dead Deal; From Grave To Plate.  To fully understand the depravity of the movement you must understand BioSludge and Hydrolysis Tanks.  Mike Adams did an amazing job on “BioSludge” the movie; linked below but this only tells a part of the full death agenda.  When you learn that there are Human Consumption tanks are already across the Country; chills running up and down your spine will be the least of your issues.  Please watch the video to learn everything you need to know of the horrific reality we now face.

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  1. Good God, talk about still holding on to granny in the family garden..


  2. Trajic…….our moral compass is lost along with a
    Our abandonment of our founding fathers. Jufeo Christian values. How depressing😢


  3. This is another bizzare coincidence! I bought that movie, “Soylent Green”, 2 days ago! I saw it many years ago, but happened to by my happy surprise find a copy at the book store. I finally found “They Live” also, which I’ve been searching for for years. I highly recommend everyone see both of them. I also got “Logan’s Run”, “Omega Man”, also starring Charlton Heston, and important to watch. I always told everyone to read George Orwell’s, “1984” I read it in 1977. I chose it because I was going to graduate in 1984, and it changed me then I read Brave New World”. I knew that companies like Pepsi have been exposed for having human product content, as well as, vaccines. This is really disgusting and even more disgusting is that a lot of people are going to buy into this bs. The man who founded the weather channel, who’s an actual climate scientist, said that climate change is a hoax!



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