WHAT??  Zuckerberg Hires ‘Patriot Act’ Defense Expert!  Did The Left Just Push Their Golden Boy Too Far?!

WHAT??  They Pushed Their ‘Leftist Golden Boy’ Too Far!  Zuckerberg Hires ‘Patriot Act’ Defense Expert!

Please watch the video below for the full story! 

Who is she?  Why did he hire her?  What is she there to do?  All questions that will come to your mind when you learn about Mark Zuckerberg hiring Jennifer Newstead?  If you don’t know who she is let’s just say, in short, she helped author the Patriot Act.

So why would Facebook secure the woman partially responsible for one of the most freedom violating laws ever put in place?  That is the question we are about to explore and determine the real reason behind the decision of the Leftist Golden Boy that may have just been pushed too far!

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  1. ANTI-Patriot Act …. the ANTIpatriot Act which this bwitch helped write was ready to go on 9/12 … one might think someone was planning ahead. If SUCKerberg hired her it is not for YOUR well being.


  2. Justin,I just sent TWENTY dollars to your paypal account,I hope this helps keep you going,it won’t be much longer,the LORD told me on APRIL 9th,..IN a month or so I’am going to LEVEL everything,I’am thinking MAY 18 is when it will happen,maybe sooner,get you and lisa off the coast.the ocean will wash all the way into the foothills of the mountains,DO Not blow this off,its coming..take care my friend…



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