The Most Extreme Threat To Religion And Women Ever Proposed:  H.R. 5 “Equality Act”

The Most Extreme Threat To Religion And Women Ever Proposed:  H.R. 5 “Equality Act”

Please Click On Video Below For The Full Story!!

Have you heard of The “Equality Act”?  If you haven’t, this is a must see video!  H.R. 5 (aka The Equality Act) is on the House floor and positioned to change our lives FOREVER!  When I state it is the MOST EXTREME threat to religion and women our Country has ever faced; this is an understatement.  It will also impact our freedom of speech, uproot our religious foundations, destroy our Constitution and demolish all civil liberties and women’s rights we have remaining.  Please sign the petition to block H.R. 5!

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4 replies

  1. WHERE is the link to sign the petition, Justus? It’s not under the video, and didn’t see it in your long list of references.?? Tried searching online for it, but no dice.


  2. Do they really think they can regulate how people think and feel. Lol? They are about stupid. They will never regulate the minds of Americans. They will die for getting too much in the space of our freedoms. Let it be known. We are who we are and do not need a makeover from dimwits who want to perform sex on their own gender and children. They are sick.


  3. We are not able to find area of petition to sign



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