LAWLESSNESS!  Radical Boston City Attorney Stops Police From Arresting Criminals: Let Anarchy Begin!

LAWLESSNESS!  Radical Boston City Attorney Stops Police From Arresting Criminals: Let Anarchy Begin!

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This one is truly unbelievable.  George Soros’s Crony Rachael Rollins (aka Boston’s District Attorney) has opened up pandora’s box of crime into the streets of Boston.  When you hear about the list of “Charges To Be Declined” that she just published, you are going to be left speechless.  Let’s just say Drug Possession, Breaking and Entering, and Destruction of Property are one the list.  Stay tuned to the broadcast for more information; this one is truly shocking! 

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  1. Let’s consider what’s going on with governments. Let’s look at a few cities in the US: Seattle, San Francisco, now Boston. Let’s look at countries: Finland, Sweden, Germany, GB, France, Canada, Lithuania. Let’s look at the female Dems in the US government.

    What do all these governments have in common? Chaos! Women or epicenes installed in positions of power! Women do not reason the same as men! It’s been demonstrated with MRI studies, that women are usually, not always, satisfied with adduced conclusions sometimes appended with minimal obligatory adventures in deduction. Their actions don’t necessarily consider things like long term consequences, and especially the opinions of people who might suggest a more cautious and/or conservative path.

    Both male and female have similar brain activity until female puberty when the above characteristics kick in. Humans are basically chemical automatons. Variations in the triggering of production and volume of chemicals can have profound effects on how one human presents themselves to another human. Some of these changes are elemental to human dimorphism; some are due to disease; some are anomalous.

    In the grand plan, males and females are different and can never be equal. Males and females perform complementary functions and, therefore, are not necessarily fungible in many roles!



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