Missing!!  Have You Seen Her?  You Decide:  Is She Missed Or Gone Forever!?!  America Needs You!

America has gone missing; was she lost or taken?  Your comments are critical to this decision, as is your action!  We have allowed political correctness and a lack of common sense to steal her right from underneath our noses.  She wasn’t taken alone however, it appears inside and outside forces both have a hand in her disappearance. 

You will ultimately decide her fate; it is your action or inaction that will bring her back…or not.  Each of us has a hand in the future of her find.   How quickly that happens is up to YOU!

As always, PLEASE HELP SHARE wherever you can; this broadcast truly deserves the awareness you help to assure it gets!  Your thumbs up and comments are always appreciated!!

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  1. Our once great nation has been on the decline for a very long time. The main reason, I believe is because the church and Christian’s, in general, are NOT teaching the biblical standard of right and wrong. I have heard nothing but entertainment and fluff, for a long time in order not to offend and be tolerant….God has mercy but is not tolerant like the church. When the Christian’s and the church start calling sin for what it is, repenting and turning from her wicked ways, 2 Chronicles 7:14, THEN, the land will be healed. Until then America will continue to die. May God have mercy on our individual souls….

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    • I am afraid that the killing of our precious babies is the last straw. When our senators and congressmen and women cheer for the death of unborn and born…….well I fear we aren’t worth 2 cents anymore. God forgive the people’s silence and the clergy. I am just SICK over this!


    • As an outsider ( from Canada ) looking in, I have watched it all take place. The first dream I had shortly after becoming born again, ( I am an old man who dreams dreams ) was watching America burn. I saw great columns of fire and smoke, the smoke of her burning.
      I sat on a hill overlooking Lake Ontario, and watched as hundreds of boats, large and small racing across the water.
      That was in 1972. Never forgot the dream, and wondered if if would come to pass in my lifetime. Looks like it just might.
      Yes, if MY PEOPLE who are called by MY NAME…the onus is upon the church to repent.
      Elijah’s example, soak the altar with your tears, tears ripe with repentance, then the fire of God will fall to save us.

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    • The reality of the situation rests on the overflowing ignorance of the masses towards receiving any Truth within the churches and accepting the Scriptures in strength with one accord exactly as the Apostles did. This is the easiest thing to do if your heart is right.
      thedisciplinefactor.com. (update on first study release in progress)

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  2. For the most part, I’m always looking forward to a better day. I also believe God set a timetable for events. He is a God of order. My creator warned of the coming days and I believe he warned of them in detail because he has a specific time and place to complete his plan. Its like cooking. You can’t ice the cake until it’s done. We shouldn’t crawl under a rock but it’s only wise to prepare for the bad times while we have good times. I’m not looking with glee to a tribulation era but I am looking with happiness that I may be seeing my savior in person in a short time.

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  3. The majority of Americans are dumbed down to the point where they don’t understand freedom and the cost of freedom. They don’t read and can’t read or understand what America was based on and stands for. The schools and churches have so dumbed down the populace that “free” is the common mindset of the zombie nation. Greed and envy are the tools of the Globalist/ Communist monsters who lust after complete control of the world ; they want/ desire to be God with all their soul. “Christians” just want to be free to get their fix of the weekly feel-good message and weekly absolution so they can about their regular humanistic lifestyle. MKultra has successfully programmed the masses to dependence, rather than independence.
    My friends who are awake, we are not a minority, but the other side does have a large number of followers who would readily be cannon fodder for the cause of socialist so-called freebies. It seems to me that a major catastrophic event is probably the only thing that will wake the sleeping giant, America, from her slumber.
    Too many things are wrong here that need to be addressed. Without a Great Shaking, I just don’t see a turnaround happening.
    We still need to be diligent to be counted as worthy in His eyes. To much is given, much is expected.
    Stay sober and be vigilant, warriors.

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  4. Where Good Men do NOTHING ~~ EVIL FLOURISHES~!!!

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  5. America AS A WHOLE is unsavable. We must unite each side / group into 3 or 4 new republics. White Christians in an enlarged south. There’s no other way.

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  6. Lady Liberty was raped in the war between the states by Uncle Sam and Their son from that union was born 1913. His name is tyranny. Thus Kennedy assassination was their son Tyranny cutting the throat of Lady Liberty. 9/11 was the end of her death trows and there the fair Lady died. Unbeknownst to all was that tyranny had a twin sister named indifference. She girded herself with her mothers clothes and became a great pretender. Her song lulls the masses back to sleep all the while manipulating the new “American” dream where all is just and right and well in this country.
    What we have here is a sad truth. This is not the same Lady Liberty but an imposter. Our founding father George Washington’s life should be an example, and his compatriots would agree that it is time to chop down this new tree and plant a new one. The price will be high and the laborers few, but we where told what to do in the declaration of independence. How long will YOU, sons and daughters of freedom wait to avenge her death and bring to right her name and her honor. If you loved her at all avenge her.

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  7. She is Missing and we the people, the Children of God Jesus Christ are ready to find her and bring her back to peace for our future generations to come!
    We will not Falter, we are rising with the Grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!
    God Bless Brothers and Sisters

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  8. THE second “amendment” is not …………its a right that existed prior to the declaration of independence and is enshrined into the Constitution as part of it and not an amendment. Although it was not penned at the same time as the Constitution it was accepted as part of same before the 10 in the bill of rights were penned!

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  9. America isn’t missing, but she has attempted suicide. The only solution is a return to God and His Word and values. Otherwise, the liberal infection is going to succeed, and America will take its own life, This is very sad, considering the great country I knew as a child.

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  10. I don’t think the people are really all bad and have given up on America – we’ve given up on the idiots in leaderships positions and when it all lights off, we’re coming for them for all they done to bring down our country. Leave no traitor hiding anywhere – all must be brought to justice and all will…

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  11. The fact is, No one will say it but everyone knows it’s true. Without a physical reaction to these criminals, They will never stop and if you try a Physical response, you will be targeted to Death. Think tanks all over the world now this and they are using it to their advantage beyond believe. Evil win’s no matter what. If you punish them, Those that see the opportunity will fly in and attack and take the opportunity to destroy Peace. Dammed if you do, Dammed if you don’t. Evil knows this. Buckle down folks, The storm of Storm’s is coming. All you can do is prepare.

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  12. AMERICA ISN’T MISSING,its gone,and its been gone since I was a kid,THE churches will pay dear,BUT thats not where the blame lays completely,THE men allowed their women to upsurp their power over the family,then they became as women,and allowed the women to become as men,WOMEN are easly corrupted,YOUR BIBLE TELLS YOU THIS,yet the men allowed the women full control of the country,being corrupted by SATAN,and his wolfpack,wolves in sheeps clothing..THE POLICE GANGS,and when the cowards see what these filth are willing to do to maintain their power,ONLY then will americans realize why the FOUNDING FATHERS SAID..NO STANDING ARMIES,you now have a corrupt army of DEVILS running your country into the ground,THEY ONLY SUPPORT AND PROTECT THEIR DADDY SATAN..NOT A BUNCH OF IDIOT MORONS,who are NOW scared of their own shadow,they have cost you YOUR COUNTRY and YOUR LIFE,america has fallen and it can’t ever get up again..THIS CAN NOT BE FIXED..ITS TO LATE..get ready to die,and meet your maker……

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  13. JUSTUS,let me add a couple things,OUR FATHER is hopping mad at america for allowing your government to corrupt the entire world,HES NOW going to WIPE this country off the map as it deserves,BUT everyone still has a chance to make it into heaven,REPENT OF YOUR SINS AND START CALLING ON OUR LORD YAHUSHUA EVERYDAY,to save you,if you don’t do this,YOU WON’T GET INTO HEAVEN,I’ve seen what hell is like,You don’t want to go there,YET over 90% of americans will be going to hell when they leave this world,they just can’t imagine what it will be like,THEY WILL REGRET THIS…Don’t be one of them…take care my friend,WAR is coming..BE ready to fight,our FATHER hates cowards….


  14. We already know all of this. Why don’t you talk about who is REALLY behind all of this.

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  15. You know , one of the way’s I can tell that someone is a phony and that they have a controlled channel is that they moderate all comments. You claim to support free speech yet you want to moderate comments. You tube will delete my comment for you if it is offensive.


  16. America is finished, how do I know this? First of all, Hillary and Obama and their cronies are not hanging for treason, Roe V Wade and the murder of at least 55 million American babies. And now the bloodletting continues to killing babies up to the day they are born in New York and coming to a state near you. Sodomite marriage, Hollywood pedophilia and the evil continues. The attack on free speech and the right to bear arms. They are eating away, chipping away at the Constitution everyday. Nations that have gone down the path America is on, end up in the dust bowl of History. There is no saving her, she is a shadow of what she once was never to be revived unless there is a war where we absolutely wipe out every enemy of the Constitution in all walks of life. Return to Judeo Christian values and return the power to the states and fire all the men and women in black robes that call themselves the Supreme Court. These baby butchering demoncrats will get us all killed, as they commit national suicide. What is happening to America is exactly what the Bible tells us will happen to Nations that started like us and then turn from the Lord. “Your Country is desolate,your cities are burned with fire: your land, strangers devour it in your presence, and it is desolate, as overthrown by strangers.” (Isaiah 1:7) God is addressing Israel for her sins but the same holds true for other nations as well. Look at what is happening in America, Muslims are taking over Michigan…cities like Dearborn and Minnesota. There are some parts of this country that you would not even know you were in America. They have brought their shitty world with them and they will not integrate with us, they want to replace us or enslave us or better yet kill us like the population has allowed the murder of babies. What you sew America, you will now reap! The baby butchering demoncraps have sold this Country to the NWO and the coming one world government. America will not survive. She is already dead for the reasons I have stated above.

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  17. I personally see a direct connection to the influx of non traditional peoples coming here at such a pace as our Christian bias has become lost and has been replaced by a number of counter cultures that will continue to destroy our country because we can’t return to the Christian bias we had.

    50 years ago we had very strong Christian holidays and bi laws that held certain values that are no longer taught.
    Instead we have Latino gangs and African lawlessness in far too many areas to correct.

    We also have a strongly anti Christian bias in our education system, our courts, Health care and entertainment industries.

    And the Bible predicted a generation such as this especially in the Book of Romans………: who would have though back even 30 years ago that we would have a government that would force the girl-scouts to allow boys, and cheerleaders to be boys and for men to use the girls room as long as they claim to be girls in mens bodies……..No one would have believed it and it appears to be getting worse with some schools now trying to force people to address people by their status of choice………

    In 1976 Bruce Jenner won the gymnastics in the Olympics and was one of Americas heartthrobs as tens of millions of women would have stood in line to be his wife and today he looks like Norman bates of the movie Psycho……

    If you think we can fix this I would remind you to look at the prophesies of the Bible which says we will wax worse and worse until the end…..


    • Bruce, we were never and never will be a Christian nation. Our problems revolves around religion, but not because we don’t follow a religion.

      We don’t have a hatred towards Christianity. But we aren’t going to teach it nor abide by it’s sermons. Especially when it comes to God being a murdering, genocidal, sexist, homophobic twat.

      Did you know the Bible wasn’t even for you? It’s for the Jews. Because Jesus was a Jew. And not only that, but the Bible is widely mistranslated.

      And Jenner bejng transgender has nothing to do with anything. She (He) is still a person. Good and fine. A case of gender dysphoria. The cure? To transition.

      And boys can cheerlead. Not just girls. That’s just a fact.

      You havr the freedom to believe what you want. But that freedom also means it applies to no-one but you.


    • You are Spot on here, many need to come together with one accord to see the light of the absolute truth in the scriptures… all of these events we are seeing in this amazing generation are very real and prophetic. There is so much truth available but the masses have closed their eyes while the prophesies play out. many will come to realize they could have had a V-8.

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  18. biblical prophecy and punishment falling right into place. rise of the gentiles. lawlessness. perversions the rule. we deserve this coming judgement. what happened to our churches

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  19. We have healing devices in hospital and our USA are turned into weapons to be used on American citizens.

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  20. I miss sane, rational, common sense approaches to our nation’s business. I miss the humanity being removed from our once Great Nation. Psychopaths are boldly taking control of our nation, and we sit by and have lukewarm discussions on social media, acting as if these are distant threats in a fairy tale world that will never reach reality and actually HARM US AND HARM OUR NATION. Nobody knows how to organize to resist, and we better get this figured out fast. Too many Americans are too complacent. They think it will go away, they HOPE it will go away, they don’t allow it into their realistic thought processes because as a nation we are SOFT, we are SPOILED, we have never had danger get so close to destroying our nation before. WHAT IS OUR WISEST RESPONSE, TO STOP THIS MESS? Let’s dedicate one entire month to discussing ANSWERS TO STOP THIS PREDICAMENT THROUGHOUT ALTERNATIVE MEDIA!!!

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  21. Maybe America was Only Ever a Figment of our Imagination within The Matrix.



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