Most Dangerous Weapon In The U.S. Requires No Permit To Use Or Training To Handle! 

The definition of a ‘weapon’ can have many meanings.   Oversimplifying the term however can mean something that can cause harm, damage or even death.  When applying this definition to the social media platforms that surround us you will quickly see the ability to define them as true, real-life weapons…but yet they require no permit to carry or training to use.

During this broadcast, we will explore how Facebook has become one of the most dangerous weapons the world has ever know and the reality behind how and can steer partisan agendas and global conflicts.

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  1. I logged off facebook six months ago in protest of their censorship to my posts which were definitely constitutionalist conservative and have been boycotting it ever since. Don’t miss it either!


  2. “The pen is mightier than the sword.”
    No question about it. But Justus, it sounds like you are advocating the licensing of free speech. That’s not what is needed and it’s also the goal of the communists enemies who would overthrow our constitution. What is needed is for milk toast Americans to start speaking out the Truth boldly to defend against all of these weapons that are being used against us.
    Facebook has become such an effective tool of intelligence gathering that America’s enemies have all but abandoned traditional intelligence gathering methods in favor of Facebook.


    • No, Facebook is NOT a free speech platform. If they were I would never advocate anything to the contrary. The a platform that is suppressing free speech and weaponizing their message against a population. Hence, why THEY need to be licensed, monitored or simply shut down. The reality is the later, they will not stop their suppression, but should not be allowed to use it as a misinformation campaign that is causing riots and political upheavals.


  3. That being the case then, why shouldn’t we prosecute Facebook for violation of free speech rights rather than forcing everybody that wants to say something publicly to get a license or a permit?



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