2020 Election Shocker!  Tech Titan Whistleblower Just Exposed The Globalist Game Plan!

Be careful who you make an enemy of…it will come back to bite you, and it just bit Facebook!  A whistleblower from Zuckerberg’s past just blew the top off the globalist game plan…you won’t believe what he tells us all.  We should have been tipped off by another recent article that came out on Twitter; their deception runs deeper and more devious than most realize.

We used the term Deep Fake in another video however this fake is deeper, darker and more deceptive than they ever wanted us to know.  What if everything you were seeing wasn’t real; that is now more a reality than ever.  Lies, lies, lies for profit, profit, profit…and the cost is the freedom of America…but they can care less; they laugh in the face of our Sovereignty as long as their checking accounts are full!

 I hope you will watch this video to learn more!

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