China’s Grand Deception Plan Exposed!  Their Effort To Trigger Nuclear War!?!     

There are certain absolutes in our world today.  The Chinese Government will lie and suppress truth wherever and whenever possible.  Mainstream media will fall for their lies and deception whenever it helps skyrocket their article or publication.  But what happens when the lies and deceit turn deadly…what happens when the threat of nuclear war readies America for battle.

I am going to uncover for you exactly how deep the lies and deceit go.  I will illustrate to you how the Chinese government manipulates information and then feeds it out to the world to assure Fake News headlines populate everywhere to bolster their agenda.  You want to see the ‘machine’ in full motion; watch this video to learn more.

I hope you will watch this video to learn more!

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  1. Awaiting moderation? Is that like free speech and the first amendment? Maybe moderation is the wrong word. Don’t you mean censoring?


  2. China, China, China – Antarctica, Antarctica, Antarctica – Which presents the biggest danger?


  3. Suggestion… Nuclear > New – Klee – Are.


  4. America believes that women should have the right to vote and hold public office. So God looks down and says, Oh what fools they are! I’m going to give them Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Hillary Clinton, Occaisio and a bunch of Muslim women in Congress. They asked for destruction by name and they’re going to get it like they can’t even begin to imagine. These women will shame them into tolerating the Chinese, the Russians, the Muslims, the feminists, the homosexuals, the globalists and every other enemy that would love to plunder them. Will they learn their lesson? Probably not.


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