Alert! New Global Health Threat Labeled Deadly As Ebola – Anti-Vaxxers Beware!!

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A new threat has been identified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as being as deadly as Ebola!  You won’t believe what you read.  Anti-Vaxxers need to be on alert; because this globalist organization has squarely laid the finger of blame on you!

I am no fan of the WHO; their motives are always suspect and their agenda is as globalist as it comes.  You must, however, stay in touch with what they are going to understand how they are trying to shape the health landscape of the world.  This broadcast will floor you; it is about another truly unreal, and completely false, narrative bestowed upon us by the globalist cabal WHO!

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  1. If you don’t take your suicide injections, you’re a bad person. Those of us who think and are intelligent are always the problem, aren’t we.



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