BREAKING:  Mega ‘Death & Addiction’ Merger Seals Our Teens’ Fate: JUUL & Altria:  A Depopulation Marriage Made In Hell

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The ‘not so stealth’ attack on our children reached epic scale with the merger of Altria and JUUL.  This is an absolute depopulation marriage made in hell!  The largest tobacco manufacturer (aka Philip Morris / Altria) must have been reading the reports on the epidemic scale of teen JUUL usage.  So how better than to capture that next generation of smoker than to merge with the Company addicting them all.

The implications of this Death and Addiction merger is beyond profound.  This allows for a full scale targeted attack on our Nation’s teens.  The depopulation agenda is again fulfilled as we sit back and watch as the Corporate titans do everything in their power to assure they can peddle death wherever and whenever they so choose!

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