Human Rights Nightmare!  Their Execution Date Has Now Been Set:  Millions Already ‘Removed’!

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For so long now we have heard about the growing Chinese Orwellian Social Credit Score…and yet, for most, it falls on deaf ears.  Well, now it has been given a date of execution and the repercussions get worse every day. 

If you truly believe this will not result in the end of an entire society’s way of life and the complete and total end of all freedoms; you have not yet researched enough on the topic.  We are living a modern day nightmare and watching as horrendous leaders completely control, dominate and destroy a population.

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  1. THIS IS JUST WHAT THE COMMIE DEMONRATS LIKE,total control,Then the micro-chip,then the TATOO,or mark of the beast,IT ALL STARTS WILL THE REAL ID CARD,america is slipping away,THE LORD warned everyone,YOUR GOVERNMENT IS ROTTEN TO THE CORE,TOP TO BOTTOM,INSIDE AND OUT..including the police gangs,WHO LOVE KILLING CHILDREN,satans wolfpack..wolves in sheeps clothing…


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