Get Out Now! China’s Calling You…Security Breach Cover Up Proves Enough Is Enough!

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Get Out Now!  China’s Calling You…Security Breach Cover Up Proves Enough Is Enough!

I am infuriated to say the very least.  I have warned, preached and called out to America to wake up and watch as these Tech Titan Beasts took over American and sold our very souls to the highest bidder.  Well now, Facebook has gone a step further; shutting down their own news feed when reports of their security breach went public!  BANNING any post that tried to announce the event.

THEY CENSORED THEMSELVES IN AN EFFORT TO SUPPRESS INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR SECURITY BEING PUT AT RISK…50 million+ to be more exact.  Enough is enough, they have now proven beyond a shadow of a doubt their first reaction is to censor rather than protect us.  Their own active user base was put as second priority over a scandal that could go down and one of the biggest security blunders in history on a social media platform.

If this is the way these so-called ‘tech gods’ are going to continue to treat us then it’s time they go and live in the Countries who’s policy and people they so adore.  I can’t wait for the letter from abroad telling us exactly how amazing it is!  So Zuck, China’s calling…it’s time for you to go!

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3 replies

  1. The rich in China are revered as Gods. Your advice for Zuck to go to China is ten
    years too late. He’s been there, married into the Middle Kingdom, and is already
    in the same room as Tim Cook and others.


  2. I am an American living in China now and it sucks. It absolutely completely sucks. These people believe technology means progress. Their brains are mashed potatoes. They worship their government like a god and it is insane. I am planning to come home soon.



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