Biblical BOMBSHELL! Archaeologists Just Found First Evidence Of Exodus!?!


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Biblical BOMBSHELL! Archaeologists Just Found First Evidence Of Exodus!?!

This is Bombshell information!  We are going to discuss an article just released stating that Archaeologists may have just found the first potential evidence of Exodus!  The finding now potentially put science directly in line with the biblical record.

What you are about to hear could re-align history for those that do not believe in the biblical record of history.  For the remainder, it will just go to reinforce what is already know.  Whatever side you stand on there are very few findings in history that serve as physical evidence to what faith already provides for; this we will always cover here when they do come up.

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  1. A video called Exodus Revealed that shows evidence for the exodus has been out for decades. So this would hardly be the ‘first evidence’ of the Biblical exodus. Interesting, yes. But, the first evidence, absolutely not.


  2. Lack of boats “May’ indicate….. Blah blah blah…… That may be an interesting find, but it is a stretch to associate it with the biblical Exodus especially when they use words like “May”…….


  3. Check out a book and tape from Dr. Lennart Moller. They dfid cross the red sea, It shows the chariot wheels the 3 spoke and six spoke wheels let alone the horses bones . Their is a patch on the red sea the flatten our like sandbar under the water where they had crossed. I have the book and the tape and it is well documented. everything. The thing is I knew this 10yrs ago. It has been displayed a number of times. It has nothing to do with the wreeds on the up water. When I saw the tape it will give you the chills just seeing the proof.!!!


  4. Velikovsky’s ‘Ages in Chaos’


  5. There exists a LOT of archeological findings showing that what is recorded in God’s inspired word is accurate. No matter whether we find evidence to prove ALL of what is contained in the scriptures, there are many who wouldn’t believe it still. These are all part of the antichrist. Man made religions are antichrist, and those who are “part of the world” are antichrist. Those who believe the lies of religions are antichrist,. But this is all redundant, since God’s word states as much. The proof for us, God’s servants and God’s son’s disciples, already exists. Hebrews 11:1 Faith is the assured expectation of what is hoped for, the evident demonstration of realities that are not seen.
    The absolute proof of what God teaches us is a daily thing. God’s actions in our lives, the answers to prayers that are immediate and precisely the right thing at the right time, is proof. Those rejecting God, and God’s son, and those who pray to Jesus instead of God, and those who think Jesus is God, never experience these things. They fool themselves into thinking they do, but they really do not. And God has clearly stated what is just about to happen to them. So, archeological evidence isn’t anything more than a curiosity. Proving this or that happened as described by God, will do nothing to change the minds of the unbelievers. Sad, but true. Jesus even taught a few times about those who only believe when they see with their own eyes.



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