Once These LAWS Go Active – Humanities Extinction Begins: Skynet 2018

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Truth Or Fiction – Classified!

Once These LAWS Go Active – Humanity’s Extinction Begins: Skynet 2018

This is Skynet 2018 and the LAWS have been created! The warning signs, the articles, the interviews…all are outlining the path to our extinction and no one is paying attention. It is easier just to turn a blinds eye than admit to what is occurring all around us. Once you watch this video you will never be the same. Our world has changed around us and we may already be too late to react…or are we?

There is a group of over 2000 experts that have risen to fight back! They have all signed a petition to slow down the very creature they have been creating. If anyone understands how dark and desperate this demon is; it would be them. I am not exactly sure how they sleep at night. Maybe the petition is a penance for the sins they have committed.

You need to pay close attention to what you’re about to see. Denial will only lead you down the path to blindness while a new high tech arsenal that could care less if you live or die continues to be created all around you. The LAWS are already active and will soon, if not put in check, for us all into extinction.

Welcome to Truth Or Fiction – Classified! This is where we explore the crossroads where fact and fiction meet.

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  1. It would be frightening if the FATHER wasn’t on HIS Throne and only (allowing) certain things to happen…. This is the faith and patience of the saints….

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  2. I no longer obey the laws of man.


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