Three Bizarre Things Hiding In Plain Sight That Will Shock You!

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+ Question Everything +

Three Bizarre Things Hiding In Plain Sight That Will Shock You!

Question Everything!

That’s right, a simple but effective motto to live by.  It is time to start expanding our horizons…although technology will always remain one of my core focuses.  Being under constant attack can wear on you after a while so you can either choose to crawl under a rock and hide or step out into the light and dig a little deeper.

All around the world things are hiding in plain sight; just waiting to be explored a bit deeper.  Those that can have an impact on our life and our understanding of our world are those I want to shine the biggest light on.  So many unanswered questions!

As an introduction to what this new segment will look like I offer a broad brush stroke over several examples of what lies before our very eyes that begs for another look.  I will refine down to one topic per segment after this but really wanted to dive in and introduce each of you to the amazing and terrifying world we are about to explore from a more expanded angle!!

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