China Locks Down Province “No Cracks, No Blind Spots, No Gaps” Orwellian Horror Utopia

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I am not sure if everyone realizes what a true police state is; what it means to have absolutely no freedoms, no rights and be a prisoner at home, in public, and at work.  This broadcast will help illustrate the terrifying reality of what it is to live in a communist country where you are subject to constant surveillance, DNA identification, facial recognition and now even phone hacking and aviary oversight…and no, that’s not a typo.

We are blessed to live in the USA; land of the free and home of the brave.  Are you willing to give all that it takes to assure our homeland remains the home of freedom?  To do so, you must be aware of the varying forms of attacks on your privacy.  There is no better way than to study an example of the most horrific example of communism in modern society.

Just wait until you hear the lengths that Communist China has gone to assure their citizens are even further stripped of their every freedom.  As they have now stated, they are stepping up their Orwellian surveillance to assure “no cracks, no blind spots, no gaps”…the true darkness of a civilization run by the monstrous face of Communism.

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