Nightmare Revenge ‘****’ Broadcast On The Internet – To Fight…You Need To Send Your Most ‘intimate’ Photo To The Feds!


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To believe this is even a reality is terrifying.  The invasion of privacy is without equal.  Across America this is taking place and finding its way into the courtrooms.  Even with a judgement in your favor the damage can never be undone.  Be careful who you trust; they may be the very one that takes your most inner secrets and exposes them to the world.

“But not only were people posting photos they obtained as revenge porn, users on AnonIB were actively hacking women and posting stolen images on the website, Dutch police said.

Hackers would break in to their victims’ emails, social media accounts and cloud storage. On the forum, they would ask each other for help getting nude photos of specific people and share the stolen images with each other.

“These were not properly secured and therefore relatively easy to hack,” police said. “The suspects were able to capture sexually explicit footage from a few hundred women without the victims being aware of it.””

|Massive revenge porn site Anon-IB shut down by Dutch police | Article by c|net

“Jane Doe also had to copyright her breasts to get her intimate pictures off the internet — a process that helps some revenge porn victims regain their privacy.

Doe chose that route in part because of the way Elam obtained the photos, according to her attorneys. Doe sent the photos to her ex while the two were in a relationship.

That meant they were initially obtained consensually. Some websites refuse to remove images that were taken with consent if the person does not register a copyright.”

|Woman awarded $6.45 million in revenge porn case | Article by CNN Tech

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