How Dare You Pretend To Be A God – The Actual Church Of Artificial Intelligence

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“What is going to be created will effectively be a god,” Levandowski tells me in his modest mid-century home on the outskirts of Berkeley, California. “It’s not a god in the sense that it makes lightning or causes hurricanes. But if there is something a billion times smarter than the smartest human, what else are you going to call it?” From article Inside the First Church Of Artificial Intelligence.

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The below are Broadcast Notes (for editor reference but I leave them in here for you to see the wonder of rough draft to final edit) – These are notes and do not constitute an article. Enjoy the video above to see the finished product. Just don’t mind sharing the raw data that leads to the finished product.


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Anthony Freak

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Other Tech Worshipers

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  1. How Dare You Pretend To Be A God – The Actual Church Of Artificial Intelligence – Justus Knight – Wake Up To The Truth

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