Redpill or Bluepill? – Decide Before Reading! You Must Choose…Biometrics, 5G, AI, Predictive Analytics, Social Physics, & Blockchain

“This is your last chance. After this there is no turning back. You take the blue pill: the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill: you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.” – Morpheus, The Matrix

So, are you ready; seriously, you are about to embark into a series of articles that will fold together many moving parts leading to the end of society as we know it.  I sat last night with my children and my life’s love and we talked about many things.  Along came a waiter who asked:

‘Are you talking about current events?  There is just so much information…it is hard to know what is going on.’ 

This is so true a statement, I heard it over and over, we are being inundated with too much information to be able to focus on what’s really happening right under our noses.  So I am going to break it down and allow you to see the sum of the parts in a rather extensive series of articles.

You will note I toggle between sociology, psychology, science and religion.  It is imperative you understand each to understand factors that shape and change society.

  • Today’s Article
    • End Times – The Increase of Knowledge – Series 2 – Chapter 2 – Biometrics

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Are we inadvertently moving many pieces of our societal puzzle into place to allow for a complete loss of personal identity, privacy and freedom. Creating what is ‘The Matrix’ needed for the mass extinction of a populous and / or its individual rights and freedoms. A choice for humankind of taking a Red pill or a Blue pill.  A reality that is being shrouded in the cloaks of ‘security, safety, convenience and necessity’.  In light of advancements in 5G, biometrics, AI, predictive analytics, social physics and blockchain you must be aware of the overall implications to our very existence and how we are blindly allowing for these puzzle pieces of destiny to be combined into a dark picture of fate.

There is so much information to process that it is often difficult to disseminate between good and bad invention; the frenzied combining of so many moving parts makes it too difficult to determine the outcome and final sum of the whole.  I am going to slow down the hands of time and allow for you to see the multiple moving parts of the reality of the ‘actual tech’ leading to the ultimate demise of our personal freedom.


According to the IEEE Biometrics Council Constitution:

“Version 2.1 – September 28th, 2008

Section 1. The Field of Interest of the Council shall be the theory, design, and application of biometric characterization of human beings, based on physiological and/or behavioral features and traits, in particular for identification, identity verification, authentication, encryption, recognition and medical diagnosis.”

What a grim and horrible statement.  I didn’t give you a background on who IEEE Biometrics Council is because it doesn’t matter, they are one of many, many groups, councils, companies, individuals and conventions working on the study of human biometrics.

What is human biometrics you ask?…here is a graphic on the very basic outline of the biometrics:


Biometrics is the ability to recognize or identify you based on just some of the elements above, it extends however into variables such as sweat, the way you walk, odor and on and on and on.  You must understand that Biometrics is the dehumanizing science of the collection of facts, measurements and figures used to quantify and calculate your individual characteristics into information stored in a database that can and will allow machinery to recognize and identify you via endless amounts of scanners and platforms.  This raises astronomical concerns in regards to privacy and ultimately who and how the information will be used.

Not enough, OK, here are a few examples of the philosophy of Biometrics in real world application, sit back and try not to relax:

Here is a fun and whimsical video on the what is called Known Traveler Digital Identity.  I use this clip so you can understand the application of human biometrics in a real world example of how it is going to be sold to the masses…(says author tongue in cheek – shaking over the implications of the tech):

So, did you hear what I heard…let’s re-cap:

“End to end intervention…”

“Authorities to get information they need, when they need it…”

“Unique facial and fingerprint biometrics…”

“share parts of their digital identity…”

“…governmental authorities can utilize temporary stored bio metric and biographic information to quickly guide travels to the appropriate lanes based on their preassigned risk level…”

“…also links with private companies…”

“…the system learns with time…”

Yep, once again, agenda hiding in plain sight.  They are telling you everything but are you listening?

So one more real world example to assure I am getting my point across.  The words below are from Tom Ridge.  Mr. Ridge was the first U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security, and now serves on the board of Daon, a biometrics software company…BTW, here is my favorite graphic from Daon on their “Human Authenication Platform”.


From the article – Former Homeland Security chief Tom Ridge: Why body recognition tech will restore trust in society

“In the months after the 9/11 terror attacks, those of us building the nascent Department of Homeland Security were seeking ways to better defend our borders – particularly our air and seaports. The US-VISIT program was created to protect the nation by providing biometric identification services that help federal, state and local government decision makers accurately identify the people they encounter and determine whether those people pose a risk to the United States.”

“Right before our eyes we are changing from physical trust models to virtual ones. A hundred years ago, our “trust sphere” was small – largely defined by those we needed to interact with – our village or neighborhood, grocery store and perhaps doctor and banker. People recognized us largely through physical face-to-face interactions. In today’s ever increasing digital world, to be most effective and leverage the Internet to its greatest possible extent, we need to be able to expand our ‘trust sphere’ to a much broader set of people and organizations.”

Did he really just use the “village” terminology again and followed by we must expand our “‘trust sphere’ to a broader set of people and organizations.” – I would really like a much BROADER explanation of who and what are you referring  to Mr. Ridge before I just hand you the keys to my soul.

“Headlines are typically dominated by the harmful consequences of our trust being violated. It’s usually the result of a cyber hack, where passwords have been stolen in bulk and accounts infiltrated. Or, more recently, nasty malware that spreads like wildfire when people open email attachments from others they thought were in their trust sphere – but were not. With each hack a bit of our trust is eroded.”

Sell it Tom, you sell it!!!  Your identity is being hacked and stolen so please, please go ahead and sell your identity to us so we don’t have to steal it, you’ll just hand it over!

“But as we begin at long last to transition away from antiquated passwords to a more secure and convenient way to authenticate ourselves using our own identities, we can start to see the positive consequences of trust – a ‘trust dividend’. That’s the power of biometrics.”

Sooooooo, you are saying if I hand you all my uniqueness and individuality that it will result in greater or lesser trust???…is your ambiguity purposeful?!

“Just recently, the World Economic Forum announced a global project called Known Traveller Digital Identity, which leverages biometrics to create virtually hassle-free international travel. Partners like Marriott have signed onto the project because they recognize the potential for biometrics to eliminate barriers we’ve all grown accustomed to.”

“At the heart of it all, and the Internet of Everything, is the establishment of trust.”

george orwell and cctv camera

Oh Mr. Ridge, George Orwell would be so proud of you!!  I however am not sir, it is time this ends and we realize that this technology will never be safeguarded and it will result in the end of our society as we know it.

I don’t know about you, but all I can hear is silence, the deafening silence of freedom lost and individual identity stolen the dehumanization of our world.

In the proverbial words of George Orwell:

“Big Brother is watching you.”
“Happiness can exist only in acceptance.”

(Author ponders a deeper thought)….Now how will they every be able to spread so much information at the speeds and data lines neccessary….do I hear 5G!??!!


I am a subscriber to the thought process of when modern-day discovery or events and religious philosophy or foreshadowing suddenly parallel or meet, it is imperative you take both as extremely significant factors of overall understanding and knowledge.  You must immediately remove ‘personal opinion’ and determine based on fact and evidence wherein the truth lies.  Very often there are gray areas within the discovery process and a complete determination cannot be fully made.  This is when, as a journalist, a presentation of the facts is best to allow for my readership to make a determination based on their faith, politics, philosophies or simply own opinions.

We must stay awake, be aware, think with an open mind and be vigilant in the defense of our rights, our freedoms, our existence and our protection of humanity.

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