You Were Warned! Hang On To Your Wallets! Pelosi & Sinema Just Opened Pandora’s Taxation Box!

We warned you weeks ago it was coming; and now it’s here. Hold on to your wallets, Pandora’s Taxation Box has been opened. Pelosi and Sinema have their eyes on the prize and plan to assure you can NEVER again accumulate wealth. And, BTW, THIS DOES NOT AND WILL NOT ONLY EFFECT BILLIONAIRES. If you ever paid a toll or an income tax; you should understand why this story is so critical to your future financial status!

Biden Goes Dr. Evil In Unimaginable, Laughable and Dumbfounding Debt Ceiling ‘Silver Bullet’ Plan!

As Biden finds his Democrats deadlocked in disagreement, he pulls out their playbook to audible the next move. Allegedly written in bold print is ‘IF YOU CAN’T WIN, CHEAT’ followed shortly by, ‘IF YOU CAN’T WIN, GO NUCLEAR OPTION’. Well, what’s even worse, they just made themselves and bigger laughing stock than they already were, through and unthinkable maneuver that was pulled right from a comedy sketch.