Storm Is Here! Putin’s Last Laugh! China, Russia, India, Brazil Announce Joint Force To Destroy U.S.

There is always and will always be a plan. If you don’t know it, you’re on the outside looking in. There has been numerous stories about the pending ‘one world currency’. Did you know, we are in the midst of it’s creation right now? Did you know we are being destroyed from within to assure it rises? Did you know, the Goldman Sack’s created one of the blueprints? If you answered no to any of these, or you don’t know everything about BRICS…well, it’s time you did!

Biden’s Blinken Calls Nord Stream an “Opportunity”? But After This ‘Leaks Out’ All Hell May Break Loose

Well, Blinken either blew it or busted Biden out. Once you understand the international wranglings between Germany and the U.S. you will quickly understand how dangerous, arrogant or down right incendiary Biden’s U.S. Secretary of State’s comments actually were. You see, the Nord Stream pipeline demolition benefits one country more than any other. So let me explain, in great detail, why Blinken may have just moved us one step closer to Hell on earth!

Putin Just Dropped NIGHTMARE “Satanic” War Inciting Declaration On Biden! White House Runs For Cover!

Not in two decades has Putin spewed the venom of anti-American rhetoric the was he did yesterday in his War Inciting speech on the annexation of the Ukrainian territories he just seized control of. For over 15 minutes he did not mention a word of Ukraine! Rather he shifted his focus to Biden and dropped bombshell after bombshell. Then he said it, he called the U.S. Government satanic and hit the point of no return for the Biden administration. Their reaction…run and hide!

It’s “Insidious”! Biden’s Boogeyman Is Haunting White House As Concerns Rise Over Threat To Presidency!

It’s “Insidious” the Surgeon General screams! Biden’s got a boogeyman, one that is now haunting the White House. It is so powerful, so evil and so disturbing it has senior officials questioning how big a threat it is to the Presidency. What’s worse; they again are pointing the finger of blame at us…at here’s why they just diminished us to ‘animals’.