You Were Warned! Hang On To Your Wallets! Pelosi & Sinema Just Opened Pandora’s Taxation Box!

We warned you weeks ago it was coming; and now it’s here. Hold on to your wallets, Pandora’s Taxation Box has been opened. Pelosi and Sinema have their eyes on the prize and plan to assure you can NEVER again accumulate wealth. And, BTW, THIS DOES NOT AND WILL NOT ONLY EFFECT BILLIONAIRES. If you ever paid a toll or an income tax; you should understand why this story is so critical to your future financial status!

There’s No Escape; Their Coming For You! When Biden’s Pen Hits This Paper – Millions GO BROKE Overnight!

They’re coming for you; make no mistake about it. It’s how they’re coming after you that most have not yet realized. Don’t fall for the ‘tax the rich’ scheme, because they’ve found a way to tax all of us. Now, that seems like normal doesn’t it…but what if they tax you on money YOU HAVEN’T EARNED!?! Get ready for it…it’s all as real as it gets!