Viral Video’s Bone Chilling Message: ‘Trump Supporters, Today Isn’t Only An Inauguration, It’s The Initiation Of Eradication Of Your Ideology’!

This video NO ONE can afford to miss. A viral video has a bone chilling warning to ALL TRUMP SUPPORTERS. This isn’t only an inauguration, it is the initiation of the eradication of you ideology! Don’t believe us, when you’re done watching this you will understand their next move, well, it’s not going to be peaceful, fair, balanced or unifying. Your beliefs have been logged, tracked and now will be eradicated.

Signed Out!? Last Night, TUCKER Carlson Gives CAREER ENDING Broadcast! Here’s Why and What He Said!!

Tucker Carlson delivered one of the most important speeches of his career last night…but unfortunately it may also be a career ending move. What he said was absolutely correct, absolutely righteous but absolutely incendiary to the new ruling Government class. We will cover all the critical elements of what he stated and why it is imperative you listen to the message so you understand you’re not alone, you are being targeted and you are the new ‘minority class’.