Tucker Said What?! His Shot At Fox News Family Feud May Have Just Cost Him His Job!

The Fox family feud has now reached epic proportions! Tucker Carlson launches a ‘non so indirect’ shot at Fox that may very well cost him his career. We’ll show you what led up to this statement and why it may indicate a much larger narrative. This however is just the beginning as we’ll transition into the full length of this broadcast and cover the newest daily election corruption and the affidavits that document it all!

Tony Bobulinski Has Disappeared! Immediately After Tucker Carlson Interview And Senate Committee Confirmation Of Truth…He’s Vanished! PREVIEW

Where has Tony Bobulinski gone!? He’s simply vanished, like he never existed. Immediately after his Tucker Carlson interview and the Senate Committee confirming all the materials he submitted to be authentic, he simply disappears! He asked America to do something just prior to falling of the face of the earth and so we are going to honor his request. There is a document he wanted each of us to read…so we’ll do that, and maybe understand better why he just vanished and who exactly may be involved!